July 13, 2010

10 Things to NEVER Say to a Nurse!

10 Things to NEVER Say to a Nurse!

Nurses hear it all: The good, the bad, and the (very, very!) ugly. From pushy patients to bossy doctors, nurses handle it all with grace. But there are some things that can get under the most tolerant nurse’s skin. NursingLink staff members talked to healthcare professionals, one another and (of course!) nurses to find out what phrases or questions were most irritating. Ever felt like strangling someone with your stethoscope? Then you probably heard one of these 10 things.

10. “Helloooooo, Nurse!”
Okay. We get it. We’ve all seen the cartoons with the buxom nurse who is swooned over by a wolf, or a man, or an Animaniacs character. It wasn’t funny or original the first dozen times you heard it, and it certainly hasn’t made a positive impact 10 years later.
You’re not an object to be fawned over. You’re saving lives here! You don’t have time to be ogled. Luckily, younger generations have probably never heard the phrase, so you can hope that it will be phased out soon.

9. “Do You Only Date Doctors?”
Puh-lease. Anyone who has actually spent any time around a doctor knows that dating one is next to impossible. Crazy hours. Constant stress. Big egos. Who wants to put up with that? Plus, everyone knows you shouldn’t “dip your pen in the company ink.” Spending 12-plus hours with someone can make you form an incredibly close bond, but that doesn’t mean your co-workers will make the best significant others.
Anyone who asks a nurse this is clearly watching too much Grey’s Anatomy and needs their head examined.

8. “C’mon. Nursing is Just Like on TV!”
What were we just saying about people who watch too much Grey’s Anatomy? While medical shows are a great form of entertainment – tons of nurses watch them, too – that doesn’t mean they are an accurate portrayal of when hospital life is like. Nursing organizations have even taken up arms against nurse-centered shows like Nurse Jackie and HawthoRNe. Prior to these shows, nurses were almost never the focus of a medical TV show. Nurses were merely in the background emptying bedpans or taking orders.
But we know the truth. Nurses are the foundation of any good health system. They don’t have time to be the center of attention because they are always cleaning up a (metaphorical) mess a doctor has left.

7. “Nurses Take Orders From Doctors”
Nurses work alongside other nurses. They report to other nurses. They belong to organizations and unions just for nurses. Edie Falco of Nurse Jackie put it perfectly when she said “Doctors diagnose. Nurses save lives.” When it comes down to it, nurses are the ones in the trenches. Because they spend the most time with patients, they can be counted on to know when something is wrong or if a patient has made any progress.
Doctors and nurses may work side-by-side, but nurses are responsible for nurses.

6. “What’s Taking So Long?!”
Patients depend of nurses to keep their healtcare experience a positive one. But we all know that things can get hectic in the medical field. Emergencies and unpredictable accidents can happen on a daily basis which means patients may not always be seen when they thought they would. Having a patient gripe at you and ask “What’s taking so long?!” can be irritating, especially if you are trying your hardest to make sure everyone is taken care of. It’s in stressful situations like this that it’s sometimes easier to snap instead of calmly explain that you are doing your best.

5. “So…You Can Score Me Some Meds, Right?”
Shows like Nurse Jackie and House, MD make it seems like any nurse can walk right into a pharmacy and get whatever he/she wants. We know that’s totally not true, but those who aren’t in the medical field often believe it. Many nurses have friends or family members who ask them to score some meds they don’t have a prescription for – without even considering the fact that the nurse could lose her/his license!
Most nurses can laugh this off, but, for others, it’s a real problem. To banish this stereotype (and this request!), there needs to be continual education of consumers.

4. “What Does a Nurse Do?”
Coming from a 5th grader who is doing a report on what she wants to be when she grows up, this question is sweet. Coming from a snarky patient, this question is almost intolerable. What doesn’t a nurse do? Let’s see… Nurses care for patients, chart, memorize and administer medication, write care plans, take direction, give direction, handle emergencies, handle stress, handle “dirty jobs” doctors don’t want to do…
The list goes on and on.

3. “I’m Just a Nurse”
Just a nurse? No such thing! I’m sure you’ve heard a fellow nurse say something along these lines. Doesn’t it make you crazy?! Nurses are the backbone of any successful healthcare facility, so stand up and be proud!
Similarly, you might hear “I’m just an LPN.” Well, LPNs are nurses, too! (And don’t you forget it!)

2. “Anyone Can Be a Nurse”
What?! Anyone can deal with juggling 20-person patient loads, keeping track of dozens of medications, handling emergencies with grace, and charting it all correctly? (And more!) Yeah, right. Nursing is not for everyone, which is why not everyone is a nurse. Nurses have a special set of qualities that set them apart from everyone else.
Anyone can be a nurse? I’d like to see them try.

1. “Why Didn’t You Become a Doctor?”
This utterly annoying and disrespectful question comes in a variety of forms: “Why didn’t you become a doctor?” “Why don’t you want to be a doctor?” “Did med school sound too hard?” No matter the variance, the underlying insult is the same: Doctors are better than nurses. Not true! Let’s see a doctor take on everything a nurse handles with ease.
You know what they say: Behind every good doctor is a better nurse!


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hari yg penat :(

emm hr ni hr first aku keje setelah bercuti seminggu..aku ingtkn hr ni tak la sibuk sgt..smp2 wad mak oii patient bkn main ramai lg..ok la takpe la..tupp2 aku jg kubikel yg agak aktif hr ni mak aaiii..patient nk discharge 2 org nk msk 2 org kt kubikel aku tu..adeh apa la nasib tambah lg bsk patient aku nk buat bone marrow lak tambah lg nk ken prepare alat2 ptg td lak semua nk ptg td...GILA AKU WEIII!!!!

hurmm...apa pn keje ttp la keje kn..dgn jg patient la aku dpt gaji aku klu x mkn gaji buta la aku..klu dlm bahasa kasar tu dgn basuh berak org buang kencing org tu la aku dpt gaji aku tau baru la berkat aku buat keje..aku x nk mkn gaji buta la haha..

ermm dh msk keje ni mcm2 yg aku kena hadapi berbeza masa student dulu..skrg lg besar tanggungjwb aku..duit pn lg besar aku pegang haha tp tak penah cukup???????? emm dok kt kl ni biasa la dugaan byk tambah2 aku yg muda belia ni haha..klu tak jg btl2 blh rosak akhlak hurmm.. ;P

July 12, 2010

salah parking???

baru ni aku naik tren ada la mamat dpn aku ni mula2 tu tak obvious sgt lama2 aku perhatikn mamat ni ni lah hasilnya haha('',)


last2 smp jgk aku kt kl ni huhu penat sgt dr pkl 11 pg td lg aku dok dlm bas bgn tido bgn tido blm smp jgk hehe..emm so skrg ni dh smp kl kembali lah rutin aku yg amat membosankn tu pg keje blk keje..mujur la ada patient yg menceriakn hidup ku..tak lupa jg kpd ayh aku..aku tgh menunggu ayh aku ni huhu nk blk tdo..Jom ;P

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July 11, 2010

back to kl again

emm skrg aku dlm bas on the way back to kl haha..penat mn taknya 7 jam dlm bas kebas bontot hehe..

tp yg tu tak kisah la yg aku concern sgt pasal perut aku ni dr zaman2 student dulu klu nk naik bas jauh2ula la meragam rasa x selesa la itu la ini la sbb tu sblm naik bas jln jauh2 aku takkan ambik sebarang mknan atau minuman hehe senang sikit tak la kerap rasa nk ke tandas..emm masa utk tido baibai ;P

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July 10, 2010

resit bayaran pasport

ni dia resit utk pasport dia ckp sejam lps byr pasport siap..sungguh tak ku sangka klu zaman moyang aku dulu seminggu br siap tu pn 300 utk 5 thn..skrg dh ada yg seratus senang sikit ramai la yg buat pasport huhu..skrg menunggu lg

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suasana imigresen Di trg..

emm aku nk buat pasport hr ni tgk suasana mcm ni sejuk rasa hati dulu nk pg buat kt kl masyaallah org main ramai lg sampai aku berubah fikiran terus blah dgn frustnya huhu tup2 blk trg buat kt sini org tak ramai kjp aje nama dh panggil huhu.. emm dh soap pasport nti blh la aku pg jln2 jauh sikit emm teringin rasanya nk pg bangkok huhu..emm skrg ni tgh menunggu pasport siap yg lain semua dh settle dh..

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hr yg memenatkn...

hr ni aku penat sgt..dr pg smp ke tgh mlm jadual packed sgt..dr kl tup2 smp trg dh huhu..actually takde plan pn nk blk trg ni. pakcik aku dtg dr Thailand dia nk pg Sri petaling maka secara automatic aku kena jd pemandu pelancong..pakcik aku ni mmg kerap dtg kl urusan bisnes dia emm td otw ke Sri petaling dh dekat nk smp dh pn pastu terlps simpang adeh terlajak terus pusing smp balakong bangi kluar msk tol duit kluar msk poket haha tanya org dia tiga kli last2 br jmpa jln..penat btl..hehe

smp2 trg mak aku buka pintu terus soal siasat aku haha soalan yg paling aku malas nk dgr 'bila nk kawen? adeh takde soalan lain ke umi nk tanya frz ni muda lg nk enjoy dulu puas2 haha

emm dh seharian bejln hr ni mata pn dh ngantok ni hehe nite (",)

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birthday cake

amacam lawa tak pict ni? my friend yg buat dia ni suruh je buat apa2 pasal kmptr semua dia tau buat mujur la ini menyenangkn hidup aku sbb aku ni buta IT haha aku tau guna fb aje ;P

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bedal sahaja :p

emm td nk kluar tgk2 minyak rambut lak hbs huhu dh la rambut aku ni klu x guna minyak rambut menggerbang tahap cipan la jwbnya huhu..

tanya la kwn aku ni dia ada tak minyak rambut walaupun aku begitu pasti jawapan yg aku bakal terima adalah tidak mberangsangkn sbb kwn aku ni takde rambut klu ada pn tahap ciput2 aje hehe.

dia cr punya la cr last2 jumpa benda ni dh takde pilihan guna aje la hehe not bad la hai pn wangi minyak rmbut ni mn dia dpt ntah huhu.. so moral of the story nk pg mn2 tu make sure brg kegunaan tu semua ada ok.

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July 9, 2010


emm dh lbh setengah jam menunggu kmtr...bengang rasa knp la servis kmtr lembap sgt klu org mengandung blh terberanak kt sini tgu kmtr yg x kunjung tiba haha jenuh menunggu tau..

agaknya mcm mn la perasaan org yg gunakn prkhidmatan kmtr ni hr2 blh sakit jiwa dibuatnya..Ye la mn tak nya tren asyik delay aje dh la lambat.. sekali dtg lak ambik ko. mcm sardin so yg dok jauh2 tu takde pilihan lain selain terpaksa kluar awal pg keje nk naik kete msk kl x sanggup dgn kwn tahap cipan punya....emm baik naik lrt lg bgs..mujur la tmpat keje aku dekat pg hspital jln kaki aje haha maka hidup la aku tanpa tekanan :p

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July 8, 2010

saja suka2

td kluar jln2 kt masjid jamek nmpk iklan ni laks huhu emm baca punya baca Smp tren pn trlepas huhu concentrate punya pasal..aku tgk menarik gak air ni klu minum rasa lg sdp la kot drp air paip yg slalu aku minum tu haha...

emm tgk harga beliau 120 blh guna utk 8 bln rasa cam ok la kot utk kesihatan dr sndr kn..duit byk tp penyakit sama naik tak guna jgk kn huhu jd apa yg ditunggu lg segera lah dpt kn produk ini di pasaran haha tlg promote(",)

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This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

July 3, 2010

happy birthday to me('',)

genap 24 jun lalu umur aku dh masuk 23 dh haha..kejap rasanya dh tua aku ni hehe emm tp perangai cm budak2 lg kot lol!!! ye la semakin meningkat usia ni semakin byk tanggungjawab yg aku kena buat hmm keje pn dh dekat 9 bln dh..tak lama lg nk confirm keje gomen dh haha..berbalik kpd usia aku ni hmm dh tua dh klu kawen confirm dpt anak ni haha tp blm sampai seru lg kot..('',)

takpe la yg penting skrg ni biar la aku keje dulu tumpukn utk dr sndri dulu dan mak aku tu..yg lain2 tu tolak la belakang dulu yek..nti kemudian br aku fikir yg penting aki sihat blh buat keje cr duit bln2 cr rezeki halal utk aku sndri..

nti dh kaya dh byk duit blh la aku enjoy puas2 hahaha (mcm la keje mkn gaji buleh kaya) tp kn skrg ni ramai sgt nk jadi jutawan instant hehe cam mi megi la plak..sebenarnya klu nk kaya takde shortcut ko tanya la sape2 pn yg dh jadi jutawan tu mcm mn diaorg buleh kumpul harta byk tu..semua bermula dr bawah..tp tgk la skrg kluar modal puluh2 ribu barang takde cr org je..tak ke bahlol tu nti jenuh la korang nk byr kt bank taw lain la korang tu anak datok

emm dh byk berceloteh ni jumpa lg('',)