May 31, 2011

kung fu panda

Td tgk cite ni kt gak la cite ni tp ramai sgt budak2 td dlm panggung adeh~

Klu dh nama ada budak2 tu biasa la kt sana merengek kt sini merengek yg x tahan tu bunyi hp pn ada adoi tak reti2 nk silent ker?? Tau la hp ko tu panggil hahahahaha aku pki Nokia 3310 pn tak bising huhu

Apa pn tak sabar nk tgu XMEN hr khamis ni huhu jom!
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  1. Thanks for following my blog! I wish I spoke Malaysian (?) so I could read yours. Google wanted to translate it, but it came out all goofy. I am sure that what you had to say is better than google's version for sure! Hope you are doing well, good to "meet" you in the blog world!

  2. you`re most welcome dear...its been a while i didnt update my blog..quite busy lately anyway thanks for your attention to my blog